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All of Europe Becomes A Battlefield (Translation of an article from Italian): U.S. B61-12 nuclear bombs transferred to Italy and “other European countries”.


(Note – I originally read this article in French from the website “France-Iraq Actualite” on January 22, 2023 published by Gilles Munier. The article, in French, was translated from the original Italian which appeared at the website byoblu. Rather than go through two translation cycles – from Italian to French to English – I have decided to translate – via “Google Translate – from the Italian directly into English. The resulting machine translation is at times a little awkward, but rather than mess with it to tighten up the English, I prefer to leave it as is as the essence comes through clearly enough. This is an important article that should be more widely circulated here in the USA. RJP).


The Federation of American Scientists confirmed in January the news given by Wide angle in December 2022 on the basis of a document from the US Air Force: the C-17A Globemaster aircraft was authorized to transport US B61- 12 nuclear bombs to Italy and other European countries. Since Biden administration officials had announced that the B61-12 would be brought forward to December, we believe that the new US nuclear bombs are already arriving in Europe to be deployed against Russia.

The US and NATO are pouring huge quantities of ammunition for the heavy artillery supplied to the Kiev armed forces into Ukraine. The United States – according to official data – has so far sent over a million rounds of 155mm howitzer ammunition to Ukraine, plus tens of thousands of missiles. About 300,000 shells come from US military depots in Israel. The shipment of arms is managed by an international network, in which Camp Darby plays a central role, the largest US arsenal outside the mother country, connected to the port of Livorno and the military airport of Pisa. Great Britain, France, Poland and Finland are supplying tanks to Kiev, and Poland is buying Abrams tanks from the USA, a part of which can be destined for Ukraine.

At the same time, the USA and NATO are strengthening the deployment of their forces in Europe, increasingly close to Russia. In Romania, NATO has deployed AWACS aircraft, equipped with the most sophisticated electronic equipment, kept constantly in flight in Russian airspace. Also in Romania, the Pentagon has deployed the 101st Airborne Division, which is being deployed to Europe for the first time since World War II.

NATO and EU set up “a task force on resilience and critical infrastructure”. “NATO – declares the Council of the European Union – remains the foundation of our collective defence. We recognize the value of a stronger European defence, which contributes to transatlantic security and is complementary and interoperable with NATO”.


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