News By Country UAE sending 2,500 generators to Ukraine

UAE sending 2,500 generators to Ukraine


The United Arab Emirates has announced the delivery of 2,500 generators to Ukraine to help the population survive the winter.

“The United Arab Emirates announced today that it is sending about 2,500 household generators to civilians affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine that has disrupted energy infrastructure and caused power outages, with the objective of helping them [Ukrainians] survive the harsh winter conditions,” reads the statement released by UAE’s news agency WAM.

As noted, the assistance comprises 2,500 household generators, each with a power output of between 3.5 and 8 kilowatts. The UAE will transport approximately 1,200 household generators to the Polish capital, Warsaw today, and will transfer the remaining generators by January.

This support comes within the $100 million humanitarian relief aid allocated by the UAE to the civilians affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

In response to the United Nations Ukraine Flash Appeal and the Ukraine Situation Regional Refugee Response, UAE has taken the initiative since the onset of the crisis to alleviate the suffering of those affected, having flown eight planes carrying 360 tonnes of food supplies, medical aid and ambulances for Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Moldova and Bulgaria.

The Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE expressed its sincere gratitude to the government of this country for the assistance provided.

“Ukraine is grateful to the leadership and people of the UAE for timely and important humanitarian aid, generators that will help warm thousands of Ukrainian families in winter, while Russia is deliberately destroying our energy infrastructure and freezing Ukraine,” Ambassador of Ukraine to the UAE Dmytro Senik wrote on the Embassy’s Facebook page.

As reported, the Russian invaders continue launching targeted strikes on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure to break the will of Ukrainians to resist Russian aggression. Such actions had the opposite effect – the determination of Ukrainian citizens to achieve victory over the Russian aggressor and completely liberate the temporarily occupied territories reached 96 percent, according to polls.

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