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Beware of the Brits!


Elizabeth II, Queen of the U.K. is dead. Yet, the British withdrew, but they did not die – they are slyly coming again!

The British are slyly coming again. They played a key role in shaping especially our region’s recent history and future, and they continue to do so.

Modern thinking was established by the Germans.

Modern politics and its institutions were developed largely by the French.

Yet, the modern world is the work of the British.

It was the British who transformed Germans’ thought revolution, and the French’s political revolutions, with their industrial revolutions into a political economy revolution, enabling Western civilization to establish absolute hegemony over the world. I thought it was necessary to recall what I wrote on the occasion of the Queen’s death.



Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid Han II had said, “There was a British finger under every stone I turned.” This statement needs to be remembered a lot more these days. The British are coming from the deep and quietly. It is the British who know best North Africa, the Arab world, the Balkans, and the Caucasus, in other words, the Ottoman region, as well as the Indian-Chinese region.

The British owed the power and hegemony of their empire, which they romanticize as “The Empire on which the sun never sets,” to the fact that they were able to take control over the Islamic world from outside in all three continents, and realize the strategy they developed through Islam, aimed at transforming Islam from within.

This wasn’t the case in the past only, it is the same today as well. The British did not take control over the Islamic world through political and military invasion alone. Unlike the other imperialists, or in a more striking manner than them, they developed a form of imperialism that would break, transform, or destroy Muslim communities’ ties with Islam.

They attacked both from outside and within. Their attacks from outside caused Islamic civilization to pull away from the historical scene. Their attacks within, on the other hand, were aimed at damaging Muslim communities’ relations with Islam.

The strategy mentioned above as attacks from outside and within, in fact, formed the main pillars of the strategy known as the Eastern Question. The British strategy geared towards establishing imperialist hegemony over the Islamic world had two legs: One, to push away Islamic civilization from the historical stage as a history-maker actor. Two, to push Muslims away from Islam. This was the essence, the fundamental objective of the two-century strategy the British named the “Eastern Question.”

We see that the British made great progress at the end of their two-century struggle in both primary matters.




If we pay close attention, we can easily see that the British focused specifically on the Islamic world. The British have been the ones determining the problems and borders of the Islamic world for the last two centuries.

There is no actor that knows the opportunities and weaknesses of the Islamic world better than the U.K.

The British attacked the Islamic world from outside/physically and within/mentally, and made every sort of preparation to prevent Islam from taking to the historical stage as a history-maker actor in the future. In line with this objective, they first invented Wahhabism, the Khawarij mindset in Saudi Arabia, and later, Qadiyanism in India.

What is this? Nothing other than coercing to choose the lesser of the two evils, of course!

They settled Jews in Palestine both to get rid of them, and to afflict the Islamic world with them.

There is no need to exaggerate British power, but they are the ones who know best the Islamic world mentally/academically. It was them again, who caused great trouble and brought order to China after the opium wars. Furthermore, the British exploited and divided India for five centuries, and they invented capitalism, the homo economicus.


The British are behind China’s Silk Road project.

The British withdrew from Hong Kong once they settled into China from within.

They left the EU to strike a blow on the EU, and once they left, the EU could never recover again.

Similar to Gulf countries, Central Asia and Far Asia, from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India to Malaysia, are among the U.K.’s strong influence areas.

The British continue their colonies through their control of knowledge or the mind. It is difficult to understand the British before understanding the events in the Arabian Peninsula, in the Indian-Pakistan subcontinent, and in China, which is numbed through opium wars, and deeply influenced by Mao’s Revolution.

It is uncertain whether this is Pax Britannica, or if it can be referred to as such, but it can be said that the structure of the British hegemony is more complex than thought, and it is just as difficult to penetrate.

It is difficult to understand the world, the events in the world, and where the world is headed without understanding the British.

Yusuf Kaplan
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