North America As July 15 approaches, global imperialism’s leashed dogs cannot...

As July 15 approaches, global imperialism’s leashed dogs cannot silence the truth


Who are global imperialism’s leashed dogs? Of course, it is the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), that martyred more than 250 people on the night of July 15, 2016, that deemed Türkiye, this great nation, this great nation’s values worthy of every attack.

I would like to apologize in advance as I will be writing a very personal column today. But before starting with the “personal,” I first want to draw a broader perspective.

As you know, the Serbian monsters, who went wild on July 11, 1995, burning with the dream of a great Serbia, growled, “We will avenge all our defeats from Turks,” and committed a major genocide in Srebrenica. Yesterday was the anniversary of this genocide.

Twenty-one years after this despicable genocide, on the 15th night of July, 2016, a group of terrorists sharing the same motivation, ambition for revenge, and rage as Serbians, trialed another genocide in Türkiye. Yes, “genocide”!

If the great Turkish nation had not prevented the coup with their bare hands that night, we would have witnessed a broad genocide in Türkiye today that would have us yearning for the coup in 1980. Though, most of us would not be alive to see it, but that’s a different story.

When the terrorist organization named FETÖ failed to realize this lowly, treacherous coup attempt, it then became “leashed dog” of global imperialism, which it already served all along.

The group of dogs called FETÖ started to become the primary indicator of support for everything against Türkiye, everything that can harm Türkiye.

As is known, when global imperialism finds leashed dogs, it loves to throw them bones. FETÖ members, who became stateless, homeless, and faithless, have only one expectation left: To gnaw at the dirty bones global imperialism deems them worthy of.

Let them gnaw for the time being. They may have a plan, but so does God. Just as God charged this great nation to take his revenge on the night of July 15, He will eventually charge us again to fulfill the same duty. When that day arrives, we will remember Prophet Muhammad’s Uhud Battle and cry out, “Our dead went to heaven, yours will roll to the bottom of hell!”

Now, the personal aspect.

Twitter has been closing my account access for the second time. The first ban lasted eight hours. This time it was closed for one week. This the same Twitter that is called the “stronghold of freedom of expression.” This was for saying, “may he not die before he suffers much worse than he made us suffer,” in reference to the terrorist ringleader called Fetullah.

This is how the system works: The dirtbag FETÖ members in Germany report my account. Then, Germany, which claims, “I have a social media law,” closes my account’s access without any regard to “freedom of expression.”

These leashed dogs are very likely preparing to have thousands, maybe tens of thousands of accounts closed ahead of the 2023 elections, using all the support they have in Germany.

FETÖ members, who gathered the power to get all social media accounts in Türkiye banned, using Germany’s social media law, and their dirty connections in Türkiye, and their accomplices in Türkiye, were also the ones who made the greatest racket in Türkiye against a “social media law.”

Of course, we know that they have the power to have a columnists official social media account closed thanks to the bones they gnaw. We also know who cooperate with this faithless, stateless group for the sake of their own political plans and gains.

However, there is something that global imperialism’s leashed dogs and their affiliates don’t know and don’t calculate: The truth cannot be silenced!

The truth is like dripping water that hollows out the stone. It will find a way and rise. The truth in this case is that regardless of which one of us you silence and using whatever methods, this great nation will sooner or later make you pay, and send you to where you deserve: History’s dump.

We will be charged to take that revenge. That day will come. I swear by God, even if you hide behind trees, those trees and rocks will start to talk to reveal you. I swear by God, even if you turn into black snake in the dark of the night, we will recognize you from the treachery in your eyes.

Don’t you dare think you can return to this country and contaminate this land with your rotten presence. A good fate for you is to die hiding like sewer rats, thousands of kilometers away from the land you were born.

Go on, have my account closed once again. Time will come, and we will close your account, never to be opened again.

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