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What does Greece’s involvement in the Ukraine War mean for Turkey?


Turkey has been making intense efforts since the start of the Ukraine War in February 2022 to bring together Ukraine and Russia and stop the war at once. The two sides eventually met at the negotiation table in Turkey. In fact, news outlets reported that secret meetings were held. It was further reported that the U.K. and U.S. are seeking to establish a new order through the Ukraine War, and they were therefore not in favor of the war ending. Hence, it is no surprise that certain meetings between Ukraine and Russia were held in secrecy. The U.S. and U.K.’s open operations geared towards fueling the war, as well as their lack of support for efforts aimed at stopping the war led to an almost worldwide common opinion that they are in favor of the Ukraine War continuing. Not only did they refrain from supporting Turkey’s efforts, they did everything possible to ensure the war would continue.


Turkey was already fighting against the U.S. and European states in the Caucasus, in northern Iraq and Syria, in the East Mediterranean and in the Aegean, in Western Thrace, and in the Balkans. The northern shores of the Black Sea are among these too, now. Western countries’ opposition to Turkey’s stance in the Ukraine War cannot be considered an ordinary development.


While the Ukraine War continues, the likely food crisis now tops the world agenda. The food crisis discourse has gained greater significance than the ongoing war. Greece now joined in the food crisis discourse as well. Following his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said his country may play a role in the exportation of Ukraine grains. Mitsotakis remarked that Greece is a leading country in maritime to strengthen his claim. The Greek prime minister also gave the impression that he made the statement with backing from France, revealing his desire to gain a position against Turkey. This move by Greece may contribute to understanding the reasons why the Ukraine War took the back seat on the world agenda. Ultimately, the fact that the likely food shortage will lead especially African countries to a famine crisis is on the agenda as well.


Turkey has been involved in the war since the start of the pandemic, almost simultaneously in the Caucasus, northern Syria, and Libya. This presents enough of an idea about the sensitivity of the current period. The U.S. had to flee from Afghanistan during the same term. Armenia fought Turkey and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its components fought Turkey in the north of Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, Greece attempted to create a situation in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean. There is no doubt that they focused on Turkey’s impact beyond the National Pact. The new era that commenced in the early 19th century with the Greek Revolt can be associated with Europe’s gains in various regions. The Greek Revolt presents the change in how the Ottoman Empire was viewed. European expansionism peaked in this century as well. Despite this, the Ottoman Empire remained the biggest obstacle standing in the way of Europe’s expansionism.


Making the right comparison between the Ottoman period and present-day Turkey will facilitate in understanding both past and current events. Our region was directly affected by colonial expansionism in the 19th century. Amir Abdulkadir and Shaykh Shamil were modern. One strived to stop France in Algeria, while the other tried to stop Russia in the Caucasus. Recent news reports state that Turkey needs to be stopped in the same regions. The negative news about Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II need to be analyzed in light of the resistance lines the Ottoman Empire formed against British and French expansionism. As the influence of U.K. and French colonies reached the depths of the region, they were stopped by the Ottomans. Western press was the origin of news ascribing names such as despot, tyrant, autocrat, and Red Sultan to Abdulhamid II. This at least gives an idea of the intellectual sources of the opposition groups within.


It can be said that the groups devoted to sieging both Greece and Turkey within and from outside on behalf of the West made a miscalculation. Turkey was in the defense position in the 19th century. It is only natural that Ancient Greek mythologies inspired contemporary Western literature at a time when we lacked the power to prevent European expansionism in our region. The praises sung today to Greece and the PKK are in the same category. It is clear that expansionist European countries and the U.S. are unable to make calculations based on losses. They are working today to take measures against Turkey. As the region’s dynamics take action. Proxies such as both Greece and the PKK will prove to be great burdens for Europe and the U.S.

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