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Today Israeli forces killed prominent Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh and 16-year-old Thaer Khalil Mohammad Maslat. The Canadian government has yet to condemn the IDF for deliberately targeting a Palestinian journalist who was covering Israeli raids in the West Bank city of Jenin.

On Friday I will be moderating “Double Standard: Canada’s terrorist list, the IDF, Palestinians and the case of Khaled Barakat”. Register for this talk featuring Miko Peled, Khaled Barakat and Yavar Hameed on how Canada criminalizes Palestinian political life while assisting the violent Israeli military.

Over the weekend protests are planned in numerous Canadian cities to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe). Canada contributed to the Nakba through its important role in the unjust UN partition plan. Find out how to participate here.

In other news, this Monday author Yves Engler is launching a weekly news roundup and interactive discussion about Canada’s role abroad. Register for the Canadian Foreign Policy Hour with Yves Engler.

Please consider taking action for peace today by signing this parliamentary petition sponsored by NDP MP Matthew Green against Canadian involvement in the AUKUS military pact, which is further militarizing the Asia-Pacific.
Peace and solidarity,

Bianca Mugyenyi
Director, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute

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