North America Hunter Biden & ‘The Big Guy’ Are In Real...

Hunter Biden & ‘The Big Guy’ Are In Real Trouble


Hunter Biden has been making lots of headlines in recent weeks. The corporate media has finally decided to tell the truth about the corrupt behavior of America’s most problematic First Son, and they’re now reporting what most have known since October 2020. Hunter Biden is a corrupt man who has used his famous last name to sell American political access to wealthy foreigners from countries adversarial to the United States. This is a five-alarm fire of political corruption, and Americans deserve answers – as well as to know the extent of Joe Biden’s awareness of his son’s activities. Joe Biden once described Hunter as the “smartest man” he knew. Given the media firestorm on his doorstep today, he may be re-evaluating that opinion.

This new wave of coverage comes after liberal media outlets spent months battening down the hatches in a coordinated effort to protect the Biden family name from legitimate scrutiny. Recall how in October 2020 – just weeks before the 2020 election – the New York Post accurately reported that Hunter Biden had abandoned a laptop full of incriminating information about his foreign activities at a computer repair shop. Corporations like CNN and Twitter acted quickly, sowing doubt on the Post’s reporting, de-platforming the outlet from social media in a brazen act of censorship, and inevitably describing the very real scandal as “misinformation.”

The contents of the laptop – which the New York Times has now confirmed as legitimate — were as concerning then as they are now. For one, emails showed that a Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC – a group with ties to communist dictator Xi Jinping and China’s military – paid Hunter and his associates millions of dollars to grow their presence in America. Let’s be clear about what that means. Chinese communist oligarchs, working for a totalitarian dictator devoted to overtaking the United States, collaborated with the Vice President’s son to set up a beachhead for the CCP on American soil.

Is it even worth speculating what the media reaction would be if this was one of President Trump’s children?

This doesn’t just have ramifications for Hunter, however. Joe Biden is part of this too. A joint venture between CEFC and Hunter Biden in 2017 was designed with a very special condition: that “10 percent” of the profits would be “held by H [Hunter] for the big guy.” Tony Bobulinski, a one-time Hunter Biden associate who accurately described Hunter’s ties to China before they became widely known, has gone on the record confirming the “big guy’s” identity. Need a hint? His approval ratings are plunging to 40% or lower, he spends more time on vacation in Delaware than he does solving problems, and he’s the reason you’re paying more than ever to fill up your car.

There is reason to believe that Joe Biden was well-aware of Hunter’s pay-for-play schemes. Not only was he referenced in the CEFC deal, but he shared a bank account with Hunter Biden for years – including while Hunter was wheeling and dealing with dictatorships abroad. Joe Biden and Hunter Biden even paid each other’s bills, and Joe even owed Hunter money. President Biden’s historic mismanagement of the economy makes more sense when you consider that he’s been in debt to a man who has confessed to smoking parmesan cheese upon running out of crack cocaine.

CNN, initially eager to cover for the Bidens, has now admitted that a federal probe into Hunter’s finances is “heating up,” and other outlets have reported that Joe Biden might be targeted. Perhaps that’s why the media has changed its tune. However, it’s too little too late. There’s no question that liberal media outlets frequently bend over backward to defend Democrats, but this marks a particularly devastating blow to their credibility. Joe Biden’s son used his father’s influence to make money with dictators while he was sharing a bank account with the former Vice President and future President. The media looked the other way.

Federal prosecutors might not do the same.

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