North America The West committed genocides against Muslims yesterday, but they...

The West committed genocides against Muslims yesterday, but they want them to defend Europe today! They called Erdogan anti-West, but the West is now begging for his help.


The last three presidents of the United States of America—Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama—are tripping over each other to whitewash themselves of any blame over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They are highlighting Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war crimes in an effort to erase the world’s memory of their own blood-stained past.

 As Western institutes and media fully focus on Russia, they are trying to wipe out the events we experienced only a few years ago. They are whitewashing the invasion and plundering which devastated our region, our countries and cities, as if they were ancient history.


Genocide against Muslims 

They are calling on us, the people whose cities they painted red with blood, to defend the West against Russia.

These three former U.S. presidents attacked nine countries during their terms in office, razing most of them to the ground. They killed at least 10 million people—Muslims, in fact.

They had no hesitations in branding their invasion in Muslim countries as the “Crusade Wars.” They committed a kind of “genocide against Muslims,” from Afghanistan to Libya, from Iraq to Somalia.


Biden had claimed he would call on the world to wage war against Turkey!

They displayed acts of savagery with the secret torture centers they established in 35 countries around the world. They conducted slave trade via CIA aircraft. They employed methods of massacre and torture as if they were religious ceremonies, rites of passage.

They took action to destroy the Muslim world, the Muslim region in the 21st century. They declared “global mobilization” against Islam. They promoted this through the gimmick of “anti-terrorism.”

Had there been no war between Russia and Ukraine, U.S. President Joe Biden would have launched an attack on at least one Muslim country. It is likely that he would have called upon the East to bring Turkey to its knees. The West’s final war in the battle against Islam was likely to be launched against Turkey.


Driving Muslims to the front against Russia. So, is Russia the bad guy—now?

Now, that very same U.S., the same European countries feel the danger of war creeping up on European borders for the first time in a long time. Furthermore, without an ounce of shame, they tried to drive Turkey against Russia. They called on Muslim countries to oppose Russia. They wanted all of us on the front to defend them, trying to erase the acts they committed only a few years ago.

There is no justification for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It cannot be normalized based on the grounds of the West’s dirty, bloody attacks. Russia’s massacres in Syria are no secret either.

Its slaughter of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people is no different from the West’s massacres in Iraq. Russia being portrayed as “bad now,” while it was “good” when destroying Syria, is nothing more than hypocrisy that killed our trust in the U.S. and Europe, yet again.


Muslims must not defend the West

One thing is certain: This region will and must never lift a finger to defend the West, to defend Europe. Abu Ghraib and the likes cannot be forgotten. What happened in Baghdad and Kabul cannot be forgotten. Images of people enslaved, drugged, their hands tied and sacks brought over their heads cannot be forgotten.

The shame, the pain Muslim cities – each one of them older than even the history of Western countries – have had to endure cannot be forgotten. The fury of the people whose honor and dignity were disregarded, the curse of women and children can never be forgotten.

The West’s arrogance, selfishness, ruthlessness, as well as its slaughter of civilizations and identities, cannot be wiped away. Its attempts to destroy Muslims and their countries cannot be whitewashed.


 What did Turkey show the world?


Because they will try to do the same thing again at the first opportunity that strikes. They will attack another Muslim country at the first chance they get. Once the Russia-Ukraine war ends, they will once more target the Muslim countries they are asking for help today. They will spread an atrocious form of the racism that reared its ugly head—even in the Ukraine crisis—in Muslim cities.

Turkey taught the world that those who keep their distance from the West, those who escape their control secure themselves. Turkey taught the world that it is possible to recover without being a slave to the West; that it is possible to be a great state without their protection. As a matter of fact, this is apparently why it was surprising to escape Western control.


Today, they’re begging for Erdogan’s help

The threat on Europe’s borders made them forget their arrogance. They came knocking at Turkey’s door—the country they have been striving to divide. They came asking for help from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom they tried to topple and eliminate through assassinations.

They attempted to drive Turkey against Russia to protect themselves. They wanted Erdogan to mediate so they could save Europe from this threat. They started singing praises to the man whom U.S. and European media had once called “dictator,” and turned into the caricature of evil.

Yes, this will benefit us. But we still won’t trust you—ever. We see what will follow.

When Russia cut the gas flow, they started knocking on the doors of Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. They started begging them. Once excluding Turkey in the Mediterranean, they now started saying, “Let’s transmit Mediterranean gas through Turkey.”


As soon as the war is over, they will set their sights on Turkey again!

But do not believe any of this. As soon as Russia and Ukraine reach an agreement on a solution, they will turn toward Turkey once more. They will take up the arms they had laid down. They will strive to destroy from within and abroad, while they forget all the promises they made.

But the West’s plans of destruction for the Muslim world and Turkey failed—which is something they’ll have to accept sooner rather than later. They have no other choice from now onward but to defend themselves.

Look at the world map: Where is the West, and where is the world? There is not a single nation on the face of this earth untouched by their detrimental actions. The memory of nations is a great power. This memory is now pushing the West to the world’s sidelines.


A new world order cannot be established sans Turkey

The global distribution of power will take shape in accordance with this new situation. Whether or not the West likes it, whether or not Russia likes it, Turkey will be given its due right. We have now passed from one era to the next.

If peace is instituted, this will be through President Erdogan’s efforts. This will be the biggest, and perhaps the last great act of “kindness” Turkey offers Europe. From now on, not only will their alliance serve them, but they will also be the only ones to endure the harms inflicted by their hostilities.

The relations of dependence on the U.S., NATO, the EU, and Western institutes—none of them could turn Turkey into a “shield” for Europe’s defense.


The world’s axis will change

Turkey will not move a single finger for Europe’s defense. It can defend itself. The memory of the last three decades is more than enough for us. We have a millennium of experience.

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