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Will war break out in Ukraine, or will the West stoke a Turkey-Russia conflict? What sort of game is being played in the Black Sea?


We faced wars in the south, east and west. Now, a new war is brewing in the north, right in our backyard. The intense battle between Russia and the U.S. and Europe, between the East and West, is yet again driving another country to war, and perhaps even invasion.

The Ukraine crisis is not limited to the conflict with Russia, its self-defense efforts, or Russia’s desire to invade. It is part of a much bigger game, a vaster and long-lasting fight.


Ukraine is both an eastern and western front

Ukraine is a front to both the East and West, which means that a country, a nation will be deplorably sacrificed. Russia, which invaded Crimea, and annexed eastern Ukraine, is trying to solidify its position in the Black Sea and Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and the West are trying to ensure their own security by manipulating the fate of other countries. They are using Ukraine as a front against “the threat from the East.”

This is how they used Turkey for years as a “front country.” This is the West’s unchanging method. They perceive the Ukraine in the same way: merely as a front.


A fear of Russia/China, a fear of Turkey 

It makes no difference to them whether Ukraine is defeated. They will build their front in another region, over another nation. Because for the West, every nation is only as valuable to the extent that it serves Western interests.

The U.S., NATO plan to siege Russia and China was severely damaged. Strangely, the U.S. and Europe started to implement their “besieging” strategy against Russia and China on Turkey as well.

The fear of Turkey is now as strong as the fear of Russia and China. Turkey, on the other hand, turned this into an opportunity, launched a new initiative, and started expanding its influence.


The great shock

However, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan caused a great shock in Asia, in Eastern Europe, and in the Middle East. Countries and nations realized that relying on the West to recover is hopeless. This reality will likely be the West’s biggest loss in the 21st century.

Now a similar scenario is being implemented in Ukraine. The U.S. and Europe are provoking all front countries against Russia. Yet, Russia is taking full advantage of the West’s helplessness and insecurity, and implementing a new expansion map within this scope.


Russia will divide Ukraine. The West will abandon Kiev

Russia will not invade Ukraine. It will guarantee Crimea’s invasion. It will exert full control over the country’s east. It will divide Ukraine. Furthermore, the West will not protect Ukraine against Russia at all costs. It will lend support to a certain extent then abandon it.

It is not expecting an invasion anyway. It is anticipating an intervention in the strict sense. U.S. President Joe Biden personally stated this.

The West’s only plan (other than military support to Ukraine) is to form resistance groups against any invasion attempt that may develop within the country. This is their sole objective, and it spells Ukraine’s devastation.


A Ukraine war signifies war in the Black Sea

However, this war will have vaster and hazardous consequences. War in Ukraine signifies a battle in the Black Sea. It means the Black Sea will be transformed into the East Mediterranean. The U.S. and Europe fully settling into the Black Sea means they will never leave.

This situation will deeply perturb Russia in the short term, seeming like it serves Turkey’s interests. But it could lead to Turkey’s destruction in the medium and long term. Such an atmosphere in the Black Sea spells extreme danger for Turkey.


Will it build a Turkey front in the Black Sea too? 

This Western plan, which aims to “besiege” Turkey like Russia and China, will result in the opening of a “Turkey front” in the Black Sea, after everything that was done in Syria and Iraq, in the East Mediterranean, and the Aegean.

This war will impact all regional countries. Every country from Moldova to Romania, from Bulgaria to Georgia will, in one way or another, be doomed to take sides in this “East-West war.”

Turkey, a NATO force, a western ally, a country that boasts good relations with Russia, with Ukraine, and a regionally and globally emerging power, is at the center of this Gordian Knot.


Preparations for a Turkey-Russia war? 

Thus, Turkey will be at the center of the Ukraine war as well.

Remember, at the beginning of the Syrian war, the U.S. and Europe’s primary objective was to stoke a war between Turkey and Russia. Several attempts were made; a Russian aircraft was downed; provocations were made by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Had the coup attempt in 2016 succeeded, this war would have been launched.

Now, they’re trying their luck again. Ukraine cannot stop Russia. But Turkey can. This is how calculations and, thus, plans are made. If they succeed, a war between Turkey and Russia will become inevitable. This signifies the destruction of both countries. The U.S. and Europe will be the only victors.

We are facing a new sort of Crimea War!


What can Turkey do?  

Romania is getting ready to take in refugees from Ukraine. Russia has deployed hundreds of portable bridges to Ukraine’s border. The U.S. is gearing up to send 50,000 troops to surrounding countries.

Tens of thousands of Russian troops are stationed at the border. Both sides seem determined on the path leading to war.

Turkey’s objective must be to alleviate the crisis and prevent this war at all costs.

The U.S. and Europe must be thwarted from settling into the Black Sea. Turkey-Russia relations must be preserved. Ukraine’s integrity and defense must be supported.

Turkey is not a front for the East or West

Ukraine is an oppressed country. They are an oppressed nation. They must be protected in every respect. But this must not drive them into hellfire.

This is, indeed, an esoteric equation. But Turkey is a power that has transcended taking sides. Despite all its complexity, decisions should be made based not on the present but the future.

Turkey’s political mind is perfectly capable of achieving this and being extremely effective.

We are no front country for the East or the West. Whatever our own regional interpretation says goes!

The West’s hand is weak, but it still aims to pit two great powers against each other in a bid to weaken both. A game is being set to drive Turkey against Russia.

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