News By Country Turkey's Baykar proud to hold Teknofest in Azerbaijan

Turkey’s Baykar proud to hold Teknofest in Azerbaijan


Turkey’s Baykar Makina, maker of the globally-lauded TB2 drones, is glad and proud that the international aviation, space and technology festival TEKNOFEST will be held in Azerbaijan, Selçuk Bayraktar, the company’s chief technology officer, said on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Registration for the long-awaited event has begun, and will last until February 17,” Bayraktar noted.

The upcoming festival will be held in Azerbaijan on May 26-29, 2022.

TEKNOFEST in Baku is organized by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan.

The event has been held annually since 2018, with the joint organization of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, which is managed by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology and the technical director of Baykar Makina, in partnership with more than 60 Turkish state institutions, universities and private companies.

The goal is to popularize such areas as aviation, space industry and digital economy, to encourage entrepreneurship in these areas, to identify the knowledge and skills of young engineers through competitions organized within the framework of the festival, as well as to present national technologies to the general public.

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