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Not even the Ottoman Empire rose at such a rate! You must allow Turkey to march on… History is yet to be written!


In every region across the world, Turkey is considered an emerging power. It is a beacon of hope for the oppressed, and treated as a formidable new competitor by the world’s superpowers.

This applies to Africa, to the Middle East, to the Balkans, as well as the Caucasus. It also applies to Central Asia and South Asia. With every region Turkey reaches out to, it triggers panic for powerful countries and joy in the weak ones.

Turkey playing in the big league

Strangely, Turkey is competing against the world’s superpowers in all these regions. Every country Turkey reaches out to, it finds former colonial powers and the world’s main political and economic forces in its path.

Strangely again, Turkey does not run for cover in fear, nor does it take a step back. When it comes across stronger opponents, the game gets more interesting. Turkey’s actions become bolder.

It seems like Turkey designed all its games to compete against the world’s most powerful. As a country that has conducted meticulously planned geopolitical breakthroughs, it is carving out a globally dominant area for itself. It is expanding its area of maneuver in every region in which it boasts influence.

Numerous Fronts across three continents

Turkey is competing in Africa against the U.S., the U.K., France, as well as China. It is recognized as a country that is challenging Russia and Germany in the Balkans, the U.S. and Russia in the Middle East, the U.K. and the U.S. in South Asia, and Russia and China in Central Asia.

There is no other country on earth able to fight and compete with such powerful rivals, while simultaneously building a web of relations in such a vast region.

There truly is no other sovereign capable of doing all this with great sagacity, that fights on multiple fronts, coordinating such a complex web of relations, and is simultaneously able to focus on such a vast region.

Turkey’s first Central Asia project!

It is seeking a future in Central Asia with the Organization of Turkic States. As it strives toward this, it is also trying to strengthen relations with Russia and China. However, it is a fact that both these countries’ attention is concentrated on the Organization of Turkic States.

Reports published in Chinese and Russian media aim to develop an atmosphere that will recognize a serious “Turkey threat” in the medium and long term. They are concerned that Turkey might draw the U.S. and West to the region.

However, the U.S. and the West are already trying to besiege Russia and China. Meanwhile, Turkey is filling this void and shaping its own area of maneuver. It can clearly be said that this is the first time Turkey has a Central Asia project after the collapse of the Soviets. This first project deserves an in-depth discussion.

Why did the Arab front collapse? 

The Middle East’s entirely anti-Turkey Arab front collapsed. The sole objective of the U.S. and Israel-led front that can be defined as, “Using Iran as a target to strike Turkey,” was to stop Turkey in its track.

Turkey’s patient and firm stance neutralized this front as well. There were great powers on this front as well. The U.S., Europe, and Israel were behind this front, too. Panic was afoot. They built this front to stop Turkey, but they failed.

Now, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and regional countries’ efforts to normalize relations with Turkey have come to the fore as the strongest investment for the future. We believe they will consider this.

Something ‘political terrorists’ within don’t know

Turkey is building powerful ties with countries in Africa, the names of which the political terrorists within haven’t even heard. Extraordinary partnerships are developing in areas ranging from the economy to technology, from defense to national security.

Besides North African countries, Turkey is building a permanent future, partnerships in Central Africa, East Africa, and West Africa.

Turkey is now the fourth great sovereign in Africa, following China, the U.S., and France. This transcends just investments. Laying the foundation for permanent military, political, and economic partnerships presents a permanent future. This is due to the fact that Turkey suggests partnership models like no other country, and African countries are excited by this.

No other country to rise as rapidly

Do not be fooled by the blinding and enslavement plans within. Great atrocity and treachery is being displayed. Yet Turkey is building a future by fighting against the world’s most powerful.

No other empire has emerged at such a rate. No power was able to activate such a vast region in such a short span of time. Even the Ottoman Empire did not rise this quickly.

Even if the whole Western world came together, it could not overshadow this rise. However, the great deception within and the horrific blinding operation are setting Turkey up for a big trap.

This is the showdown of centuries. Time to awaken!

The biggest treachery of centuries is being exhibited. This structure in our midst is solely and completely fighting Turkey. Political parties, political leaders are attacking their own country like terrorist organizations.

Intelligent, patriotic individuals, who know the world, who carefully follow global power shifts must applaud Turkey. They must not allow internal attacks, inside invasion attempts. This is the fight, the showdown of our children, grandchildren, and the region.

İbrahim Karagül
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