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The pillars of the world have changed. Power is now shifting to Turkey. The battleground is our doorstep. You’ve become the West’s toy soldiers. But you’ve gravely miscalculated!


They are clashing not with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan but with the state, with the country, with the people. They are engaging in a covert war. They are conducting an operation that we face for the first time after a century. In fact, their biggest weapons are those that lie in our midst.

Had Erdoğan listened to them, and chosen them over Turkey, they would have held him in high regard. There would be no end to the praises sung to him. They would be exalting him in Western media, on magazine covers, and TV discussions.


Kılıçdaroğlu’s impertinence  

If this were the case, an organized attack and a destruction operation, whether from within or abroad, of this magnitude would have been impossible. Opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu would not be so impertinent; he would not have been such a fool, and that “internal front” would have never been built.

But, because Erdoğan chose Turkey, because he opposed the centuries-long exploitation order, because he took steps that would turn Turkey into a global power, and because he continued the elevation of the Seljuk and Ottoman empires, he was put on the target board.


The battleground is at our doorstep

All political realities other than this are palaver. They are nonsense and unnecessary noise. The battlefield is right here. This is the sole reason why Western capitals are perturbed; this is why armed and unarmed positions are being built inside Turkey.

There is no reason to beat around the bush. A global battle is being conducted through Turkey, and everyone in the country is taking position accordingly. Everything is this clear. Those who are on Turkey’s side and those seeking to stop it are crystal clear.

This is why they are trying to confuse and blind the people with lies and plots.


Their militant history, desire for revenge. They became warriors of the West

They are now thinking, “If we topple Erdoğan, we would make huge cracks in the state.” They want to collapse the state that has become a superpower and reformat it under the tutelage of the West.

They are striving en masse to stop Turkey’s rise. They are trying to prevent the nation from appearing on the history scene once again. As a matter of fact, they are attacking our nation.

They are doing this by using politics as a cover-up, a camouflage, by exploiting social weaknesses, and using them against the people as weapons.

As their bosses abroad are spreading the war to every field, relaunching destruction plans a century later, they are doing the same thing within. They are massifying their desire for revenge from their militant past through the power of politics, and attacking constantly. They have become the West’s warriors and hitmen.

They’re trying to make room for FETÖ, PKK, loan sharks

This is the aim that brings together under a single roof all the parties that would otherwise never join forces. This is the grand plan of the will that has consolidated them into a single force.

They are trying to weaken, shatter, and collapse the national axis, to weaken our country’s backbone, and corner the country again, driving it to vicious conflicts.

This would thus pave the way for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), as well as the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). FETÖ would attack the state, while the PKK will be attacking our borders. Foreign intelligence apparatuses would take control over institutions, and the London-based loaning system would take hostage the economy.


They want to attack us with our own claims

Turkey would be weakened, suffocated, making way for the fronts within. Defense fields would withdraw to the border, with even the borders being devoid of protection.

Turkey would be doomed to the coasts in the Mediterranean, in the Aegean. It would be banished from these regions. It would be debilitated through terrorism, internal problems, and economic chaos.

Worst of all, Turkey’s centuries-long great claims would become history once again. It would be excluded from history, and backed into a corner in the region.


They cannot stop us

This battle, this struggle is so great that it transcends Erdoğan. It includes Alparslan, Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, Sultan Selim the Grim, Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, Sultan Abdulhamid II, and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. There is an incessant continuity of states.

This battle of centuries includes leaders of spiritual construction, and they have all had a nation, continents, countries, and cities marching on behind them for centuries, patiently, with determination, and nonstop.

This is what the relentless war has been launched against.


Great betrayals abound once more

It is now time for a turning point in history. The great battle has broken out once again. The great struggle has been relaunched. Great betrayals are on the stage again. The great showdown is continuing full-throttle.

We see how petty men, the breeze of evil, those investing in our people’s destruction, the selfish, and those who are blinded by hostility are joining forces, and attacking both from abroad and within.


Power shifting to Turkey. You miscalculated! 

But the world has changed. Power has disseminated from the center. Part of it shifted to Turkey. Those backing FETÖ and the PKK are losing strength. Meanwhile, our political legacy awoke and started rising.

The time will come when Turkey will implement the exact same operations of destruction they plotted within Turkey in those countries. This happened in the past, and it will happen again. If the power slide continues at this rate, that day is closer than you think.

History is on a course that is against their interests. Those in our midst chose the wrong front. They took position according to a falling power instead of an emerging one. Furthermore, they became their hitmen.

Nations have deep memories. They never forget. Today will not be forgotten either.


The pillars of the world are changing. This cannot be stopped! 

The last great threshold will be passed as well. Petty plans will be destroyed. Petty men will be forgotten. The power shift will propel Turkey into greatness.

The nation’s centuries-long march will gain greater momentum. This history can never be reversed again.

Look beyond your nose; look at the world. Notice the great power shifts. See which nations are taking to the stage. The world’s pillars are changing!

İbrahim Karagül
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