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‘Political terror’ists galore! Take a look at prices in the US and Europe… The 2008 crisis will be child’s play compared to what’s going to hit the West. Turkey will not submit!


The 2008 global economic crisis had struck the West, those who governed its economy, and the world’s economy. It was an economic crisis, as well as a geopolitical one. It was a crisis of the global economic system, of capitalism.

But these countries exported the crisis abroad. They made developing countries foot the bill for it and shoulder the burden. They revised the exploitation order targeting these countries and protected themselves.

The world turned its back on the West.  This will have grave consequences

Sharing the global economic system with emerging markets, new routes and powers meant that they would have to share the global power domain as well.

This would signify the end of the Western world order, which has been running for centuries. The system was in a bottleneck, yet they resorted to temporary solutions to keep the 21st century going. They simply delayed the great crisis, the collapse! But this would never serve as a permanent solution.

The overwhelming majority of the world had started to turn its back on the West. New great economic powers and groups were developing. New attraction centers were taking shape. These groups were competing not only economically but also politically and technologically.

Consequences of Covid-19:  Social collapses partially prevented

They launched an overt but patient confrontation against the U.S. and the European order. The dollar’s hegemony had to end. The global financial system had to change.

The West’s unilateral global order had to be stopped. The Western order that fully exploited nations had to be balanced out.

The Covid-19 pandemic drove the global economy to almost a complete halt for two years. It led to extraordinary consequences for everyone, from the wealthiest country to the poorest. Countries used their experience to stop the damage before it led to social collapses. They managed to achieve this partially.

Geopolitical tremors have started. The US, Europe will be hit hard

But the pandemic would have grave geopolitical outcomes. It would have destructive effects on the global economy and financial system. It would lead to deep structural changes. We have already started to observe this in the U.S. and European economies.

Countries perpetually objecting to the Western world order took advantage of this period. They planned and launched new economic corridors. They were quicker to start production, and controlled consumption more systematically.

They were better able to manage social psychology. Most importantly, they were equipped with stronger objections against the Western financial system. They were able to offer a more hopeful future, and exuded greater self-confidence.

They cannot make anyone else pay a price for them this time. Turkey will not submit!

The burning question is: Will the U.S. and EU countries that exported the 2008 economic crisis to developing countries manage to cover up the disaster this time around?

For example, will they be able to include Turkey among “the countries that will pay a price”? Will Turkey submit to this?

The whole world is going to face the shattering economic and geopolitical results of the pandemic. Naturally, every country will have to face the damages. However, there is a very fresh and fundamental development.

Major breaking point: Be prepared for trade wars

Rapidly emerging countries that are politically, militarily, and technologically opposing the Western world order are now turning their previous economic/financial objections into a concrete showdown.

This is going to lead to major breaking points worldwide. It is going to pave the way for great trade wars, resource wars, production and marketing wars.

For example, consider how the share of opposing countries in production and supply centralized in recent years. Realize how this may turn into a weapon against the U.S. and Europe.

Europe’s energy prices are up by 150 percent. What does this mean?

It is not normal for supermarket shelves to be emptied and long queues to form outside gas stations in the U.K. and Europe when the supply chains that span China and Western Europe, reaching the U.S. and European markets, are cut off.

Now, let us take a closer look at how energy and food prices have reached record highs, how inflation has risen in these countries. Annual inflation in the U.S. hit 3.4 percent. However, claims state that the real figure is about 10 to 15 percent. Energy prices in Europe have soared by 150 percent.

Look at inflation rates in the US, Europe!

The U.S. is experiencing 39-percent price hikes. Second-hand car prices rose by 12 percent in just one month. Natural gas prices in Europe increased 250 percent. Vegetable oil prices are up 30 percent. The consumer price index in Germany increased by 18.4 percent. Meanwhile, food prices are reported to have increased 28 percent in France, and 34.4 percent across Europe.

These are the first signs. There will be more to follow. These are both the effects of the pandemic, and the resounding footsteps of the economic war geared to end the Western economic order.

The U.S. and Europe’s pressure elements on emerging countries have atrophied. Their economic, technological, and production pressures have declined. Their influence has dwindled. Nobody really even pays attention to U.S. embargoes anymore.

They are utilizing their former power in the military and diplomatic field alone – which is nothing but an illusion now. This spell will also be broken soon.

Thus, you are witnessing the world’s first post-pandemic conflict. And this war is just getting started.

Turkey is taking counter-measures

Turkey is currently taking structural, long-term initiatives to avoid being one of the countries the West is trying to burden with the new crisis. Turkey foresaw this war, this breaking point in the global economy, and is taking measures against it.

Those whose economic forecasts are not generated by global economy-politics, who cannot see anything beyond their own noses, are trying to sabotage this preparation.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is not trying to save the day but the future. As he is striving to guarantee Turkey’s future in the long-term beyond day-to-day politics, they are attempting a major sabotage.

They’re attacking Turkey for the sake of the Western financial order

Turkey’s opposition parties are using this for their own political agenda, turning it into a weapon against Turkey. Economy groups and, as a matter of fact, economy staff are sacrificing our country’s future for the prolongation of the existing financial order. They are sustaining the internal operations of the Western mechanism that will burden our nation with the price of the crisis.

Why don’t these groups look at the U.S. and Europe? Why don’t they consider this breaking point in the world? Why do they conceal these facts, act like Turkey is the only country experiencing problems, and thus try to create national unrest? Why do they hide the truth and spread evil throughout the country?

Representatives of the colonial order

A former Central Bank president engages in provocations that will cause panic in Turkey overnight, but he was not held accountable for the damage he caused.

In addition to being attacked internally in all national fields, we are being attacked internally in the economic field as well.

That “front” has been mobilized as expected. All the elements that were established inside Turkey to achieve the West’s economic interests have been mobilized, and they are sparing no effort to develop an extraordinary situation in our country.

They are striving once more to drive Turkey to destruction!

A crisis worse than 2008 will hit the West

Turkey will overcome all this. It will resolve the crisis before it reaches us. Yet, you will be left out in the cold again.

A crisis much worse than the 2008 collapse is fast approaching the U.S. and Europe. The real outbreak will happen there. But this time, nobody will be allowed to make Turkey pay a price. Regardless of what you do or try, this will not be possible. This is what Turkey is striving to prevent.

The world is producing new superpowers

You should really take a good, hard look at your bosses. Let us monitor them together. The world was exacting political revenge on the U.S. and Europe. Now it launched its economic revenge as well. The power you idolize is falling apart. It will collapse.

As the Western order loses strength, the world is producing new superpowers. Turkey is one of these superpowers.

Don’t wait. This new wave will continue unabated throughout the 21st century. This is the destiny of nations. You don’t have the power to stop it.

İbrahim Karagül
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