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A ‘plot’ is being hatched over Erdoğan’s health, death! Marmaris assassins are preparing execution lists at party HQs! ‘Native invaders’! You will lose.


No country has seen their political opposition stoop so low. No political opposition has ever turned politics into terrorism to such an extent. None of them made such destructive and permanent attacks on their country’s existence and foundation.

No opposition followed a path that so openly threatens their own country’s integrity, social unity, future, and values.

None of them turned politics into a suicide attack against the country and nation. None of them became invaders, attack apparatuses from within.


They want Turkey’s destruction. They’ve become ‘intervention apparatuses’. 


The political operations or parties besides racist parties, terrorist parties, and marginal organizations that are afflicted by ideological blindness, did not invest in their own country’s destruction as much as that in Turkey.

None of them stooped so low or became so involved in evil. None of them used the “politics guise,” turning into a national security issue. None of them did this so openly and so clearly.

None of them were used as an outside, covert operation element of this scale. None of them were turned into such a destructive political language and weapon. None of them sought such “tasks.”


Is there a plot over Erdoğan’s health, death? This is historic despicableness! 


They became so exhausted and lost their orbit to such an extent that they started to plot over President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s health or death.

This animosity, this storm of evil, these despicable “pursuits” are all examples of the lowest moral level. It is the clearest example that politics, opposition is being reformatted in the form of an “armed terrorist organization.”

We are currently witnessing under the name of “political opposition,” the new assassination pursuits of those who went to Marmaris to assassinate the president on July 15, 2016.


Marmaris assassins preparing execution lists at party headquarters. 


Those who attempted to murder Turkey’s president back then are now making similar plans at political party headquarters.

Those who planned a civil war and prepared execution lists are not formatting, directing the opposition parties today, and carrying our similar preparations under these parties.

Those who turned our streets into bloodbaths that day are now instructing those parties, determining the policy, are now setting the path and producing agendas.


FETÖ-PKK taken all hostage. Do you see the danger? 


We see those who are striving to propose other options to Turkey get trapped within the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) line, be hostage in their idea of Turkey, and directly or indirectly.

Clearly, there is nothing they are proposing to Turkey other than the FETÖ-PKK line. They have no priority they set for Turkey. There is nothing they promise, nothing they express for Turkey. They have no “stance.”

This is a collapse. It is an end. It is exhaustion.

What is worse, it is a great threat to Turkey.


‘Hidden agenda’ revealed. They will attack through ‘political terror’ 


This new threat is no longer concealed through lies, plots, the operations conducted by influence groups, or the mental poisoning of the masses.

A hidden agenda has been revealed. What was attempted previously through terrorism, ethnic conflicts, sectarian uprising plans, interventions aimed at collapsing social psychology, and overt coup attempts, is now being attempted once more through politics.

This time the political right, the opposition right is being used as a camouflage for all their dirty plans.


Lies from FETÖ, applause from opposition. There are those waiting slyly. 


FETÖ suggests a lie. The aim is obvious. They all pursue it. Some give support overtly, and serve this lie. They make reckless, shameless statements.

Some, on the other hand, are rubbing their hands, waiting on the sidelines, in hope. Those who are unable to even say, “what are you doing” are becoming a part of this despicableness and applauding it.

This is the level they have reached. This is the hole they have fallen into. This is the state troll political leaders have brought their parties and their country to. They are setting dynamite to both Turkey and the society.



‘Internal threat’ changes nature. 


Everyone will see how this has become an internal threat. Everyone will see how terrorist organizations are using political parties as pawns. They will all see where this is leading to and its cost to Turkey.

“Internal threat” has changed nature. Besides the usual threats, the threats from our surroundings, from the West have come to the fore But most importantly, there is a new internal threat.

This is much beyond the previous usual terror or conflict theories. It is an incredibly delicately plotted and served war methods. It was plotted by others, but they are playing their roles.


Political terror will become armed terror.  War waged on Turkey. Wake up! 


I always insisted. My opinion is now more dead set than ever.

There is no doubt that they were gathered to stop Turkey. They were driven to the front for the U.S., European intervention. They were “armed” for the multinational projects aimed to shrink Turkey.

This war has been launched on Turkey. It has been launched on us all. Lift the veil over your eyes. Break the siege in your minds. Remove the embargo on your words. Speak up, show attitude, and stand firm.


We are under attack from ‘native invaders’


We are under a “native invader” attack.

Break this siege, this despicable treachery.

Leave their shamelessness and evils to them. Let us protect this country from corruption, evil, and treachery.

This is the position we will take before anything else. Raise your voices, clench your fists. They will all crash against us, the nation, against Turkey’s sturdy walls and fall.

We will unmask them.

You will never succeed. You will be left stranded.

History and Turkey will skip you and move on.

You will be left stranded, alone, with your treachery and darkened hearts.

İbrahim Karagül
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