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They will just not wait for Turkey’s 2023 elections. A non-political attack is in the works. A dangerous plan is afoot. Turkey’s nervous system, its borders are being targeted


izarre developments have been unfolding over the last few weeks. An attack plan is being implemented from all corners, both within Turkey and from abroad. A horrific, vengeful attack is systematically being escalated. An “organized” operation, which transcends political practices, pursuits, competition, election preparations, and political culture, is being carried out on a broad spectrum.


The political terror process has kicked off. They’re attacking Turkey’s foundation

Turkey’s political history has never before witnessed such a period, such “destructive” cooperation. Political discourse had never taken such a horrific shape, even during coups or extraordinary periods.

All of the state and nation’s sacred values have been trampled on, all principles wiped out; a ruthless, “seemingly political terror program” is now directly threatening the country’s integrity, future, and our nation’s unity and peace.

Turkey’s foundation is being targeted under the name of politics. They are following a path aimed at destroying the country’s existence.

Turkey’s economy is being targeted. Economic downfalls are being utilized as weapons to prepare the grounds for a social conflict. Preparations are being made in collaboration with the U.S. and Europe to test the waters for an internal uprising. Turkey’s security is being targeted. A sinister roadmap is being enforced to return Turkey to its former terror-burdened days.

Turkey’s rising influence abroad is being targeted. In this respect, alliances are being established with every country in the region that opposes Turkey. A horrendous internal attack is being conducted under the name of politics.


Turkey’s nervous system is being targeted. This is a single, joint project

Turkey’s national integrity, social union, nervous system, and legacy are being targeted under the name of opposition. In fact, its borders are being targeted.

Turkey’s existence and future are being targeted.

The attacks hailing from the U.S., from Europe, the attacks by the forces they unleashed against us in the region, as well as the attacks carried out through the “front” they built within are all one and the same.

They are using the same discourse, the same arguments, and their objectives are the same.

When you look at them carefully, you will see that they are all one. A plan to weaken, exhaust and destroy Turkey is being implemented gradually, step by step. They are all being carried out in the form of a single program.


FETÖ and PKK are at the center of these preparations

Members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) are being mobilized once again. They are being activated in areas of the law, politics, and the business world. FETÖ members are taking their positions once more in the network of this new arrangement.

The Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) – the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) – is being positioned right at the center of this new preparation. The matter is now much beyond taking advantage of HDP votes. The country’s sacred values have been overstepped to such an extent that clandestine, indirect partnerships have already been formed with the PKK.


It’s no longer politics but lies, plots. They’re playing a very dangerous game

Apart from the threats, the hate speech, and the plots, not a single word is being uttered for Turkey’s well-being, for its fortification. There never has been, and never will be. A certain front is preparing entirely for destruction, a catastrophic course designed completely in line with the West’s interests. It is as if they are seeking to exact revenge on us for the past thousand years.

Strangely, they are all following a fatal trajectory aimed at provoking the country, the nation, to pour people onto the streets, to prepare the ground for non-election pursuits, to pave the road for internal chaos, to bring back terrorism to cities, and gain power through all this.

This has greatly superseded the lie and plot policy. It is much beyond internal political pursuits. It is now posing a threat to Turkey.


They’re cooperating with 10 ambassadors threatening Turkey

They are calling for help on Europe, terrorist organizations, intelligence extensions, the influence centers in Western capitals – briefly, everyone who has a score to settle with Turkey – and building partnerships with them.

The ten Western diplomats threatening Turkey is also the result of this partnership. It is a part of this roadmap. They are doing this together. They are applauding and, in fact, forcing this aggression, which is being used to reopen the terror financing traffic.

They support everyone who is detrimental to Turkey. They are cooperating with every Tom, Dick and Harry. They are not fastidious about this.

We are at a very dangerous point

We are at a very dangerous point. Politics is out of “Turkey’s axis.” Turkey no longer has a political opposition. It is now at the “multinational intervention” stage. All preparations are in this direction.

Their aim is to stop Turkey. This is the agenda of the U.S., Europe, and those in the region who are perturbed by Turkey’s rise. The political opposition is investing in this alone.


A plot for revenge

Are you not surprised by the confidence boost in the leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP),  Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, much above his own scale? His rant in every speech, like he is “presenting a memorandum” to everybody, is not his own power.

Consider what those who make such threats while they are the opposition will do if they come to power. They will exact revenge on unimaginable scales, launch attacks and a purging operation. They will likely declare more than half the country’s population a threat, and oppress them.

The aggression displayed in the opposition will turn into revenge if they rise to power. They are already saying this themselves anyway.

We saw this in 1997. We say it in July 2016. We are seeing it once again now in the discourse used by the “front” established within. There’s something rotten in Turkey. These are in no way within the scope of politics.


They will not wait until 2023. A non-political attack is in store

We already know that 2023 will not be a normal election. We already know that an extremely rough showdown will be staged. We already know that the “multinational will” is going to be directly involved.

This intervention is already clear. But there is more. They will not wait for the 2023 elections. If they can manage to ripen the circumstances on time, another intervention will come.

A non-political attack is afoot. They are running the risk of driving Turkey into great chaos.


Eastern, southern, and western fronts

What kind of intervention are we on about? Something like July 15? Like Feb. 28? Paralyzing the country with assassinations?

Currently, the U.S. and Europe are attacking Turkey with all their might. A “Western front” has been established in each direction: the east, south, and west. The most powerful front of them all is within the country itself!

We are not jumping to conclusions here. They are openly saying and displaying this both within and overseas anyway. They are saying, “We will stop Turkey.” They are saying, “We are going to withdraw troops from Syria and Iraq.” They are saying, “We are going to withdraw from Libya.” They are saying, “We are going to confine Turkey within its borders once again.”

This is why all these fronts are being established. They are saying, “We are going to do this no matter the cost.”


Remaining in defense mode is suicide

Remaining in defense mode is defeat and suicide. Turkey made a major breakthrough in the 21st century. It did not wait and lie in defense against every attack; it went further. It expanded and boosted its power. It eliminated those attacks, one by one.

Now, they will come once again. There will be another shockwave ahead of 2023. They are getting ready. This is more than election preparations. It is a preparation set to strike a huge blow on Turkey, to stop it, and then shrink it.

Just as what we have been fighting against for decades is not just “terrorism,” nor is the preparation we are witnessing today just politics. The same agenda continues, but in a different form.


‘Extraordinary’ responses to an ‘extraordinary’ preparation 

An extraordinary era is fast approaching. Our political party identities are meaningless. Everyone who fails to consider these affairs through the lens, from the aspect of Turkey’s future, and in the “multinational dimension” will be mistaken.

Regardless of the party you endorse, support Turkey!

If this agenda is successful, we will lose another century. Do not allow the West to stop this country once more like it has for centuries.

Turkey’s centers of resistance need to wake up to this fact, stand up, and take action. This “extraordinary preparation requires extraordinary responses.”

Are we aware of the danger?

İbrahim Karagül
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