North America Will those claiming ‘oppression started in 1453’ win? Will...

Will those claiming ‘oppression started in 1453’ win? Will they establish Byzantium? This is the showdown of the previous millennium… Everybody should watch where they stand.


An extremely foreign wave, an extremely dangerous front is being built against Turkey’s local position, national state mind, enthusiastic social conscious, rediscovery of its historical and political gene, and its comeback in the 21st century with the intellect of all its past empires.

“Opposition” groups, regardless of the political identities they maintained to date, are gathering under a single roof against this strong wave and return. They are mobilizing to stop Turkey.

Opposition parties’ political theories are being redefined through codes that are “foreign” to the country, nation, history, and the region. Accordingly, political identities such as left-wing, nationalist, conservative, Islamist are being subjected to a disintegration between the local and foreign-dependent.



They were handed PKK, FETÖ’s Turkey map.


These groups are taking action on the same front as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is carrying on an open war against Turkey, and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which is the U.S. and Israeli intelligence’s Turkey leg.

They are also acting in cooperation with the intellectual, non-governmental organization, religious, and capital groups that have been designed by pro-Atlantic groups over the decades.

Strangely, the political opposition that took position against Turkey’s 21st-century stand, suggests nothing other than the FETÖ and PKK discourse. It offers no goal nor future. It draws no Turkey map.

Strangely, though they appear as political opposition, these groups that are reformatted as a “local front,” are exerting all their energy towards shrinking Turkey, cornering it into a tight spot, while openly carrying on the project to confine Turkey to the Western axis as the world is being rebuilt.



Look at where we experienced this cunning twistiness…


Strangely, this political agenda or front’s political discourse is not aligned with the FETÖ/PKK discourse alone; it perfectly corresponds with the U.S. and Europe’s Turkey, region, and world design.

We experienced this twistiness in the East Mediterranean crisis. We experienced it in the Aegean crisis. We experienced it in Libya and Karabakh.

We experienced this twistiness in their relations with FETÖ, their partners in the first foreign intervention on Turkey since the founding of the Republic.

We experienced this twistiness in their partnership with the PKK, which is the biggest foreign intervention aimed at shrinking Anatolia for the last four decades.


They have a hidden agenda. But we know this.


Their hidden agenda is not limited to their everyday political discourses. They are working towards. They are trying to exhaust, push, and weaken Turkey with these discourses so that they may pave the way for that big project.

This is the aim behind their terror of deception and scheming. This is the aim behind the disorder and evil. This is why they leave their political axis without batting an eye, and follow to a tee the instructions received from the headquarters in the West.

They are taking advantage of all doctrines of the European far-right, the U.S. Neocons, Israel’s far-right, and the global Islamophobic wave.

They are assuming their role as their extensions in Turkey. They use economic justifications and social weaknesses as excuse, and striking Turkey with these most extreme discourses of the 21st century.




Those claiming ‘oppression started in 1453’ are taking the revenge of centuries.


Pay attention and follow them for months, and you will see that they do not say a single “good thing” about Turkey, instead they attack everything that “is good,” produce evil and promote it, while they carry on a systematic plan to cause social psychological breakdown.

They used the Gezi Park events to break out an ethnic and sectarian civil war through street terrorism. The operation was controlled by the U.S. and European intelligence agencies.

Those who wrote “Zulüm 1453’te başladı” (the oppression started in 1453, the year Istanbul was conquered by Ottoman Sultan Mehmed) on the walls across Dolmabahçe Palace, were taking the revenge of the past centuries. This is because they saw that Turkey was making a comeback in the 21st century with the statements and claims of those past centuries.

What they saw is true, and is happening.




FETÖ called Western troops to Anatolia. These will do the same.


The same happened in the Dec. 17-25 and July 15 intervention and attacks as well. This time, FETÖ, the organization they built as “conservative,” called to Anatolia Western troops, as a matter of fact, the Crusades.

The current groups, though, have lost their axis to the extent of calling invasion armies to this land, if necessary.

FETÖ ringleader Fetullah Gülen, the biggest traitor of our history, had said, “The Crusades were harmless, they were not bad.” This statement and the statement “the torture started in 1453” came from the same headquarters. I leave it to you to decide which history interval of Anatolia this statement reset.




Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality elections, Byzantine discussion. Photo taken at Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror’s grave!


Also strangely, the Byzantine discussion was brought forward in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) mayoral election. There was great joy in Europe and Greece; the win was presented as a great victory, and the U.S. ambassador had the audacity to say, “We are watching the collapse of an empire.”

İBB Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu posing for a photograph during his visit to Ottoman Sultan Fatih Mehmed the Conqueror’s grave, full of pride, hands tied behind him, was a message.

That picture frame was seen as a part of the process launched with the Gezi Park events, and continued with the July 15, 2016 attacks, and perceived by vast masses in Turkey as a, “We are here, Mehmed,” message.




Typical FETÖ tactic from Akşener: İmamoğlu, you are the ‘Conqueror!’


Good Party (İP) leader Meral Akşener presenting İBB Mayor İmamoğlu as “Istanbul’s conqueror,” was the latest striking example of the Byzantine discussion. This presentation, which initially seemed exaggerated, absurd and inappropriate, was a fine-tuning affair.

Akşener’s presentation perfectly corresponded with FETÖ’s unchanging principle of, “Whatever you do, accuse your enemy of doing it. Associate your enemy with whatever you are against.” We were going back to “the torture started in 1453” statement, the Byzantine discussion.




The showdown of the last millennium… Everybody should watch where they stand.


Turkey is carrying on the 21st-century showdown of the political century dating back to 1071, of everything that has happened since 1453.

Those who are seeking revenge for Byzantine 950 years later, and the conquest of Istanbul 568 years later, those thinking they can stop the new rising era with the alliance they established within Turkey, need to evaluate the last millennium as a whole.

At a time the West, the U.S. and Europe are in regression, the power shifts in the world are this shattering for the first time in centuries, and Turkey is making an extraordinary power leap, history is going to be against them.




Byzantium will never be revived again.


How aware are those in our midst that they are opposing a great nation, a great history with foreign tutelage!

The Western Roman Empire is collapsing once again in the 21st century. There is great disappointment for those who have a problem perceiving the deep-rooted memory of a nation that wiped out the Eastern Roman Empire from history, its political gene, and its history-making and region-building power.

Byzantium will never be revived again.

Istanbul will forever remain Istanbul!

America’s Neocons will not so easily give up the ‘forever wars’!

Abdullah Muradoğlu

Abdullah Muradoğlu

The Joe Biden Administration’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan disappointed Western allies, especially Britain and Germany, who were then forced to follow the U.S.’s lead. One of the reasons for the disappointment was that Washington had gone forward with the pullout without consulting with its partners who maintained combat forces in the country. During the Cold War, the U.S. deployed soldiers to many countries in order to defend Europe against the Soviet Union. Despite that war ending and the collapse of the Soviet Union, these forces are still in place.

It should be noted that the unilateral decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan has left Western European countries concerned about their self-defense.

The U.S.’s pullout from Afghanistan has intensified discussions about the EU establishing its own “European Army”.

Europe’s dependence on the United States for its defense is now being questioned more than ever. As a matter of fact, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell stated that when Americans are reluctant to get involved somewhere, Europe must create its own military intervention force. Borrell also stated that the U.S. did not ask for the Europeans’ opinions on the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and the evacuations that followed.

Trump, who wanted EU countries to increase their financial contributions in NATO for their own defense, had threatened to withdraw troops from Europe. Biden, on the other hand, declared that Trump would put an end to policies that distanced Europe from the United States. “America is back,” Biden said, promising to rebuild relations with European allies. However, the fact that Biden followed Trump’s lead on Afghanistan left Washington’s allies even more confused. Observers say Europeans are not sure how Biden is any different from Trump.

On the other hand, European Union countries readily admit that the Afghanistan fiasco is not only America’s problem, ceding that the Western world has also failed.

As a matter of fact, EU’s chief diplomat, Joseph Borrell, said: “Certainly we Europeans share our part of the responsibility, we cannot consider that this was just an American war.” Borrell pointed that the Western world’s failure in Afghanistan was a game-changer for international relations.

Henry Kissinger, one of the influential advocates of a “global America” pointed to the fact that the Afghanistan fiasco risks damaging the trust between Washington and its allies in an article he penned for the London-based weekly The Economist.

Kissinger noted that the United States’ decision to withdraw without consulting other partners in the military coalition was a major source of concern. In a stark warning to the Biden administration, Kissinger concluded that “American rashness would compound disappointment among allies, encourage adversaries, and sow confusion among observers.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan came as a shock to Neocon circles.

Neocons, along with the “American Military Industrial Complex”, are worried that Biden’s rhetoric about abandoning the “forever wars” might turn into foreign policy doctrine.

“This decision about Afghanistan is not just about Afghanistan, it’s about ending an era of major military operations to remake other countries,” Biden had said in his speech, which rattled the “Military-Industrial Complex,” and by extension the hawks around it, which profit from the “forever wars”.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who Trump had sacked from the White House, continues to argue that the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan should be seen as an insurance policy for “America’s security.”

Neocons suspect that Biden will follow in the footsteps of former U.S. President Dwight David Eisenhower. In his farewell address to the Presidency in 1961, Eisenhhower warned future administrations that the war-focused Military-Industrial Complex could play a toxic role that would lead the United States to the brink of disaster.

Subsequent administrations did not heed this warning. The United States, which was involved in the Vietnam War in 1963, had to sign a peace treaty with North Vietnamese forces in 1973. Afghanistan, on the other hand, went down in history as America’s longest war.

İbrahim Karagül
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