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Was organized crime boss Sedat Peker given FETÖ files? Every shady character is taking refuge at Dubai’s heels. They’re becoming bin Zayed’s hitmen. Dozens of Sedat Pekers will crash and burn


Asevere, destructive project is being implemented against Turkey through organized crime boss Sedat Peker. Serial suicide attacks are being organized. Everyone who has a problem in Turkey is seeking shelter in those who are at loggerheads with Turkey, and striking the country with their weapons, their bullets, the methods they determined, and according to their timeframe.

Peker appears to be exacting a personal vendetta. However, those really behind the scenario, those protecting him are attacking Turkey through him. They find those who are at loggerheads with the country, who possess a weakness, take them under control, and utilize them until they are done with them.


This new plot is similar to the previous ones: ‘Mafia state’ perception in works 

A new, Dubai-based plot directly targeting Turkey, similar to the previous ones, has been planned and put into action. This is very clear. Regardless of what Peker says, regardless of how he reveals the mafia network in Turkey, everybody very well knows that this isn’t what it’s really about, and that a showdown is being carried out through him. A crime leader is being used to create the international perception that the whole country is a “mafia state.”

But he will be asked: If you knew all this, and since you are at the center of such dirty relations, then why did you not share it when you were in Turkey? You were always together, you were always dirty, you were always the mafia, you were always seizing people’s property, and you were all conducting your business with the men you chose and supported in the state. What has changed? Did those men become the enemy when your deals went sour?


Who handed FETÖ files to Peker? 

A new 2013 intervention has been launched through Peker. They are all included in the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) files. The claims, the slanders, the plots, the blackmail recordings are one and the same. The only difference is that it was FETÖ doing it yesterday, and Peker today. The same centers that tasked FETÖ in the past have tasked Peker this time.

Those who schemed through a seemingly “religious movement” in the past are now scheming through the “mob.” There is no good or bad mafia. They all represent dirty relations.

Whether the ruling government or opposition, those who enter into these dirty relations, regardless of which group they are loyal to, regardless of their position or profession, need to be revealed and discharged. This is because these people are also harming the efforts and claims of those who are truly fighting for the country.


Bin Zayed’s, Dahlan’s hitman: FETÖ’s Dubai files should be opened! 

The Sedat Peker matter is not a mafia discussion alone. The matter runs much deeper. Both the 2013 intervention and 2016 coup are ongoing, only in a different format.

We cannot know Peker’s own archive, but who handed all these FETÖ files, the archive to him? Was one of those archives being held in Dubai? Is his video content determined by Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed Dahlan’s intelligence agents?

Don’t be surprised if he brings up the files prepared by FETÖ prosecutors, the files prepared in Zekeriya Öz’s Dubai meetings, as well as political files. His next step may attach greater significance to the political, international aspect. That is when the true mask of the Peker Operation will be dropped.


Our opposition is seeking power from Peker! Peker is now their political spokesperson

How strange. Those who kept silent during the 2013 intervention, those who were secretly hoping for FETÖ to succeed, those who were waiting for the 2016 coup to succeed so it could pave the way for them to come to power, and those who joined secret negotiations now have their hopes pinned on Peker.

The entire Turkish opposition is waiting for the words that will come out of Peker’s mouth, and how they will strike and harm the ruling government. They are seeking ways to take advantage of him. They are attacking with his claims and theories. Because up until now, they supported whomsoever attacked Turkey. It not only protected FETÖ but even became partners with it. It is still protecting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and is its partner. It is also protecting the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-C).

They became France in the Mediterranean, Armenia in Karabakh, Greece in the Aegean, and Israel in Palestine. They sided with whoever fought Turkey. They never supported Turkey in any of the great fights which it was involved in the last five years.


They’re awaiting help, a sign from bin Zayed, from Dahlan. Look at everything Dubai has done so far

Now, with fresh hopes, they are awaiting help from Dubai, from Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed Dahlan, from their bosses Mossad and the CIA. They are looking for messages in Peker’s videos. This decay of legitimate political parties is shameful. It is shameful in Turkey’s name, in our nation’s name, and in the name of our centuries-long history.

Dubai financed the 2016 coup on behalf of the U.S. and Israel. Turkey faced a foreign attack for the first time since the founding of the Republic. Turkey was the starting point of the operation. Dubai also organized the 2013 financial coup. It later organized economic crisis scenarios. The same Dubai acted in cooperation with FETÖ with respect to the Iranian money and coup plots as well; it managed and organized these schemes on behalf of its bosses.

Dubai even attempted assassinations in Turkey

To add insult to injury, Dubai financed the PKK in Syria and Iraq. It pitted terrorist organizations against Turkey. The same Dubai attempted assassinations inside Turkey. It martyred our people in Libya.

Because a century on, that very same Dubai is the main operation center in the region for the new Crusader Alliance formed against Turkey’s return to the stage of history.

Bin Zayed is a terror baron. He is the mafia leader of the Middle East. He manages the money laundering business in the whole region. He launders Iranian money on behalf of the U.S. and Israel.

Those who have shortcomings resort to Dubai. Peker’s show will end, this war won’t

Why is it that those who have a problem in or with Turkey run to Dubai? Who brings them there, who establishes said relations, who prepares the atmosphere? We are immediately reminded of the networking we call the “native invasion front.”

What other plans are being designed at the operation center in Dubai, and when will all these be launched? We will wait and see. Peker’s show, the mafia discussion will end, but this war will not.


Dozens more Sedat Pekers will be wasted

Of course, they are going to exact revenge for the PKK. They are going to seek vengeance for FETÖ. They are going to exact revenge for Libya, for Karabakh. They will seek vengeance for the protection shield built in the north of Syria and Iraq. They are going to exact revenge for the expansion of power in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean. They are going to exact revenge for the stance adopted for Palestine, for Jerusalem.

We are on this side of the fight. We will not stop; this land, this nation will not stop until they pay for this. Because this is the 21st-century showdown. Dozens more Sedat Pekers will be wasted.

As for those who seek protection in Peker, who relate all their political theories to him, who hide behind him and attack President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey…

We call them “native invaders.”

İbrahim Karagül
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