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Weaponizing Anthropology e-book

In the years since September 11, 2001, David Price has been at the forefront...

The Politics of Anti-Semitism e-book

Alexander Cockburn (Editor); Jeffrey St. Clair (Editor); Edward Said (Contributor); Norman Finkelstein (Contributor) How did...

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Requiem for a Smear Victim: Clemens Arvay

+ A Letter from Jews Around the World Condemning the Weaponization of “Anti-Semite” to...

Healthcare Against Black Americans: A History of Medical Maltreatment Continues to Kill Black Americans

More than 25% of survey respondents have avoided care fearing how they would be...

Yet Another Study Showing Negative COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness

As I have documented in my free e-book The FDA, COVID-19 Vaccines, and Scientific Fraud,...

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