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Turkey’s foreign policy and the myth of neo-Ottomanism

Contrary to what many observers believe, Turkey's foreign policy is not expansionist. It is defensive and pragmatic.

Germany deploys 250 soldiers for Libyan arms embargo mission

The Hamburg frigate departs from Germany's Wilhelmshaven on a five-month mission to enforce a UN arms embargo.

Russia building military bases in Africa: Report

Daily publishes details of reported secret German government document on 'Russia’s new Africa ambitions'

Turkey, Egypt and the Wrestling Match for Libyan Oil

“Libya: The Gathering Storm: Turkey, Egypt and the Wrestling Match for Libyan Oil” Tuesday, July  28,...

Remembering the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire

What: The dissolution and division of the Ottoman Empire and its former territories through the Treaty of Lausanne, leading to the establishment of the modern...

Middle Eastern States in the Horn of Africa: Security Interactions and Power Projection

In December 2017, at the end of a bilateral meeting, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Sudanese counterpart Umar al-Bashir announced a...

Opinion | Is an Israeli Diamond Tycoon Using Trump-adjacent Lobbyists to Subvert U.S. Foreign Policy?

If mining tycoon Dan Gertler finds a way to skirt the U.S. sanctions already imposed on him, that will seriously undermine U.S. anti-corruption efforts...

Russia’s Strategy in Libya

The world’s attention may be focused on the coronavirus pandemic. But Russia continues its complicated game in Libya. In...

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The date of the presentation of the new series,...

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