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Russians are dying. It’s the best money we’ve ever spent – Lindsey Graham tells Zelensky, while Hillary makes fun of Putin’s height


Those two—and they are not the only ones—should be confined to Walter Reed, for our protection

Whereas most of “our free press” ignored the senator’s horrendous crack (as reported by Ukraine, although he hasn’t disavowed it), they’re now all barking about Russia’s warrant for his arrest—which he, brave man, declares “a badge of honor.”

This disgusting spectacle comes six days after Hillary Clinton—formerly the US Secretary of State (!)—got many laughs with a derisive public riff about “short guy” Vladimir Putin, whom she also called “narcissistic,” “messianic” and “authoritarian” (an apt description of the woman who, in a TV interview, exulted in the violent death of Muammar Qaddafi—“We came, we saw, he died!”—and proposed a drone strike against her critic Julian Assange).

What kind of foreign policy is this? What kind of government is this? These psychopaths behave not like the leadership of a republican democracy—or any proper government—but like the meanest kids in some demonic high school. In any case, whatever your position on the US-sponsored (and -protracted) “conflict” in Ukraine, such loose talk is, to put it mildly, dangerous, since Russia has two things that Washington now lacks: a nuclear advantage (in tactical weapons) and a historical memory. While, in the US, “World War II” means Rosie the Riveter and Saving Private Ryan, for Russians it means 27 million dead—either in battle or the Nazi concentration camps—and a vicious propaganda casting them as animals that must be killed, as Lindsey Graham also happily believes.

Small wonder, then, that they have called for his arrest—and that Maria Zakharova, of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has responded to his barbaric jape with a devastating thumbnail history of the firm and lucrative support that several hundred US corporations gave to Hitler’s war machine—a genocidal partnership that, to this day, “our free press,” Hollywood and US schools (including universities), all carefully ignore. Thus Zakharova learnedly evokes the sordid background to the US arming of Ukraine, and concludes with a reminder of how that collaboration ended. (Tragically, it did not end with justice for the US business titans who kept Germany at war, and who, therefore, should have stood among those charged at Nuremberg.)

Scroll down for Zakharova’s statement—and for a link to Don Hank’s Substack, an excellent daily summary of the military situation in Ukraine.

Lindsey Graham says ‘Russians dying’ is the ‘best money the US has ever spent’ while in meeting with Zelensky—as Moscow’s London ambassador threatens ‘escalation’ if West continues to help Ukraine

May 28, 2023

US Senator Lindsey Graham made his third visit to Ukraine since it was invaded by Russia last February. He is pictured meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday

US Senator Lindsey Graham made his third visit to Ukraine since it was invaded by Russia last February. He is pictured meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday

  • Senator Lindsey Graham appeared to rejoice that Russians are dying in Ukraine
  • The Republican senator made his third visit to Ukraine since the war began 

US Senator [Don’t rub it in] Lindsey Graham said ‘the Russians are dying’ and ‘it’s the best money we’ve ever spent’ during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv last week.

Graham also urged the Biden administration to increase its aid and Zelensky thanked the US for its decision to support an international fighter jet coalition that would provide Ukraine with eagerly anticipated F-16 jets.

‘Short Guy’: Hillary Clinton Brutally Mocks Height of ‘Messianic, Narcissistic, Authoritarian’ Vladimir Putin

May 23, 2023

Hillary Clinton made fun of Vladimir Putin while speaking about the Russian leader’s arrogance toward her and other women in power.

Clinton spoke with Financial Times editor Edward Luce in a lengthy interview for the FT Weekend festival in Washington. Luce asked Clinton at one point to elaborate on her past comments about how Putin would “manspread” in front of her back when she had to deal with him as secretary of state.

The audience was amused as Clinton collected her thoughts, and Luce said he was “sorry” for taking the discussion there. Clinton derided Putin as being “a short guy.”

“He obviously works out all the time because, you know, he’s got his shoulders about as broad as they can be, given his size,” she said. “And he struts around and he particularly loves to embarrass or, you know, show his disdain for women leaders.”

Clinton recalled one incident where Putin exploited former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fear of big dogs by bringing one in for a meeting they had together. That led to Clinton’s point “he always manspreaded. That’s the way he [is].”

Clinton said her own experience with Putin’s manspreading happened in 2011, when they had a meeting where Putin disparaged the United States with a “slouched-down attitude” in front of the press before sending them away. She explained how she managed to get Putin to talk with her when she engaged him on his interest in preserving Russia’s wildlife.

When Putin talked about going up to northern Russia to tag the region’s polar bears, Clinton said that he asked her “Would your husband like to go with me?”

“I said, ‘Well, I don’t know. I don’t know his schedule, but I’ll go with you,’” Clinton explained. “Yeah. That wasn’t an invitation for me. But I mean, you could get him animated about some things.”

Clinton shared another anecdote from an APEC summit in 2012, where she got Putin to open up to her again. This time, Putin told Clinton a horrific story of how his father had to retrieve his wife from a pile of dead bodies during the invasion of Stalingrad during World War II.

“Nobody had ever heard it before,” Clinton said when she told the story to her team later. She described Putin as a “complicated, messianic, narcissistic authoritarian” who had “absolutely the wrong calculation” when he launched the invasion of Ukraine.

Maria Zakharova responds to Lindsey Graham:

“U.S. Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham said with a satisfied smirk in a meeting with Zelensky: “Russians are dying. We have never spent money so well.”

During the Nuremberg Tribunal, the Minister of Economics of Nazi Germany, Hjalmar Schacht, stated that sponsorship of the Third Reich also came from abroad and named the two largest American corporations: Ford and General Motors. An unspoken deal was made with him – freedom in exchange for silence. Despite the protests of the Soviet representatives, he was released and lived to be 93 years old.

Let me remind you that the embodiment of the American dream, the same legendary Henry Ford was a holder of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the German Eagle. His factories in Germany not only produced up to 70 thousand trucks a year for the needs of the Wehrmacht, but also used the labor of prisoners, including Auschwitz, for that .

And the German icon of the automotive industry, Opel, belonged to… General Motors. Researcher Bradford Snell describes the role of the corporation as follows: “General Motors was far more important to the Nazi war machine than the Swiss banks. Switzerland was just a repository of stolen money. General Motors was an integral part of the German war effort. The Third Reich could have invaded Poland and Russia (USSR) without the help of Switzerland. But they couldn’t have done it without the help of General Motors.

The Kodak company at its plant in Germany manufactured fuses for aerial bombs, not disdaining to use even the labor of prisoners of war.

The Coca-Cola plant in Cologne, even before its nationalization by the German government, regularly supplied soda to German soldiers. And the famous “Fanta” was actually invented by the Nazis.

The oil giant Standard Oil, through its subsidiary companies, helped Hitler with the shortage of petroleum products, participated in developing synthetic rubber and synthetic fuels. And IBM, beloved by IT people all over the world, produced accounting and control devices for the Nazis, including for oil production. Among other things, the equipment of this company helped to keep track of train schedules to death camps…

And we have to mention banks: JPMorgan Chase & Co also had a hand, and then Chase National Bank, through which multibillion-dollar transactions were carried out, and Berlin had the opportunity to buy dollars and carry out financial transactions overseas. “Chase” cooperated with the German bank “Alliance” even in such a matter as … insurance of property and life of the guards of the concentration camps of the Third Reich.

Senator Graham definitely has some material to draw comparisons. One of their investments led to World War II and the Holocaust.

Now, billions of US dollars are pouring into the insatiable throat of the neo-Nazi Kiev regime. In this regard, I would like to remind the senators and all American beneficiaries how the previous adventure ended”.

– Maria Zakharova

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