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President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş: ‘Islam does not accept any union that is not based on a legitimate marriage’


Claiming that ‘the values ​​have been lost in society due to the attraction of the virtual world’, the President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş said, “Islam does not accept any union that is not based on a legitimate marriage.”

The historical Sultan II in Amasya. President of Religious Affairs, Erbaş, who delivered the sermon and led the Friday prayer in Bayezid Mosque; He said that in this period in which the digital world is developing rapidly, ‘it has been witnessed that the lifestyle encouraged by the new medium is built on pleasure, ambition, consumption and individualization’.

Erbaş said, “Unfortunately, our family structure is also deeply affected by this situation. Sometimes, our closest friends are phone screens and internet channels. We withhold interest, love and affection from our family as a means of mercy, tranquility and affection . ”


Stating that Islam orders the establishment of a family home with a legitimate marriage, Ali Erbaş says, “He advises us to build our family life on values ​​such as justice, mercy, love, respect and trust. Islam never permits acts that lead to illegitimate relationships, immorality, immorality and ugliness. “Islam does not accept any union that is not based on a legitimate marriage,” he said.

Erbaş, who defends the view that the family is not a choice, but an ‘innate need’, said, “Establishing a family and being a family are the Prophet’s words. It has been the sunnah of the Prophets (Aleyhisselatu wassalam) since Adam. There is no social structure to replace the family institution. In today’s world, when perceptions are victorious over reality and humanity is forced into transformations against nature, our duty is to take a stance based on our national and moral values ​​in the face of the negativities of the digital world. It is to be a family with its values, without breaking away from the realities of the age we live in, without being a prisoner of digital media . ”

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