Uncategorized Unknown Viewpoints on Sacred, Undividable Somalia

Unknown Viewpoints on Sacred, Undividable Somalia


First published in Buzzle, AfroArticles and American Chronicle on 17 April 2008
One point that kept me busy for long is the overwhelming unawareness of Modern Somalis about their country’s sacredness and the absolutely exquisite value of Somalia, and the Somali soil itself, for many ancient peoples and civilizations.
Immediately after the publication of my article titled ‘4000 Years of Illustrious History of Somalia’ (http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/58344), I received an email from the part of a multi-talented and erudite researcher, Mr. Israel Cohen. His areas of research and professional activities oscillate from actuarial analysis and technical writing to computer programming / analysis, and software engineering (computer aided design, avionics, electrical engineering).
For Mr. Israel Cohen’s interpretational effort of Sacred Geography, Somalia “had been the left leg on an anthropomorphic map of Aphrodite, seen in left-profile with her head at Morocco and her waist at Misr/Egypt”.

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