News of Africa God Will Raise Islam above All Religions

God Will Raise Islam above All Religions


The Quranic plan is annually organized in summer with the aim of promoting memorization of the Holy Book and spreading the Quranic culture and teachings in society.

This is the 1455th year since the revelation of the Holy Quran to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and hence the name ‘1455’.

In this plan, every week some verses of the Quran with special themes are selected and their interpretations are discussed in various TV and radio programs.

Then a competition is held about the lessons and discussions.

Following is an interpretation of verse 9 of Surah As-Saff (61) of the Holy Quran, given in the “1455 Quranic Plan”:

“It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, so that He raises it above all religions, much as the unbelievers dislike it.”

Since the very early days of Islam’s advent, its enemies started to hatch various plots to eliminate it:

Sometimes via mockery and harassment, sometimes by boycotting Muslims economically and socially, sometimes by imposing conflicts such as the battles of Uhud, Ahzab, Hunayn, …, sometimes via schemes plotted by the hypocrites, sometimes by fomenting discord among Muslims, sometimes via Crusades, sometimes by occupying Muslim lands, sometimes by splitting up Muslim countries, sometimes by spread corruption and sometimes via military, political and economic colonialism.

In this verse, the Holy Quran gives the good news that Islam will prevail in the world, saying “It is He who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth, so that He raises it above all religions, much as the unbelievers dislike it.”

Hence the Quran complements the issue discussed in the previous verse that says the attempts by Islam’s enemies will get nowhere.

With the passage of time and advancement of science and technology, realities will become clear and obstacles put on the path of the truth by its enemies will be crushed. Then the true religion will prevail in the world event if the enemies do not like it and do everything they can to hinder it, because their movement is one that runs counter to the path of history and laws of Creation.

Two points should be noted here:

1- What is the meaning of guidance and religion of truth? By saying that God “sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth”, the Quran probably refers to the reason why Islam will be victorious over all religions. It is because when the content of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) invitation is guidance and the intellect proves it and when its principles and tenets are in accordance with the truth and supporting the truth and seeking the truth, such a religion will naturally overcome all other beliefs in the world.

2- The Quran and the Uprising of Mahdi (May God hasten his glad advent)?

This verse has good news about a very important event. About Islam becoming universal. The implication of this verse is Islam’s all-out victory over all world religions, meaning that Islam will ultimately prevail all over the Earth become victorious over all.

No doubt, this has not occurred yet, but we are certain that God’s definite promise is being materialized gradually. The pace of spread of Islam in the world and its recognition in various European countries, its rapid growth in America and Africa and the fact that many scholars and others embrace the religion shows that Islam is moving to become universal.

Of course, based on various narrations mentioned in Islamic sources, the completion of this plan happens when Imam Mahdi reappears.

Interpreting this verse, Sheikh Tabrisi in his Quran exegesis Majma al-Bayan fi-Tafsir al-Quran says the promise given in this verse is fulfilled when Imam Mahdi reappears and on that day, there will be no one on the Earth who does not recognize the truthfulness of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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