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Social media companies are going to attack Turkey once they’re done with US. The tasks have already been assigned


Social media initially served as “soft power” tools, which the United States used globally. It was utilized for the American image, American lifestyle, American globalization, and finally, for American hegemony. It was promoted through democracy, freedom of expression, and mass sentiment.

Social media companies, digital investments were given extraordinary support and fortified for this purpose. They were transformed into economic giants. They became leaders in technology, as well as the driving forces of the global economy. They became pronounced as a global power.

Social media companies now carrying out military interventions!

Once they reached this stage, the U.S. administration then transformed these companies into “hard power.” These companies were now being utilized for projects such as political interventions, national instabilities, and regime changes that are even more effective than the U.S. military and diplomatic force.

As a result, through these companies, U.S. hegemony was being reinstituted; a scale of power that the U.S. military could not achieve was being transferred to the world; rights and wrongs were being imposed based on U.S. interests; and challenging interventions were being conducted accordingly.

These companies were also being used for mass manipulation in numerous countries, triggering indignation; regimes that comply with the U.S. were strengthened, while those that did not were weakened, eventually leading up to their collapse. The operation was focused both on regimes and political leaders.

They prepare death warrants for leaders, then execute them

Death warrants were being prepared, followed by executions for countries that have their own resources and markets, but have closed their doors to U.S. companies, and for leaders who refuse to act in accordance with the U.S.’s geopolitical and economic interests.

The Velvet Revolutions we have seen in the Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, and Lebanon were the first samples of this project. Ousting Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, followed by the civil war, was one of the most despicable examples of this.

Quelling the Arab Spring and tempering its conclusion in accordance with U.S. and Western expectations was one of the most comprehensive projects implemented.

The Gezi Park events, the Dec. 17-25 interventions, and lastly the July 15 attack in Turkey were among the most brutal of the global interventions made via social media tools.

That power is now attacking the US: The regime change project is being tested on the US

Those who used to seek approval and support from the U.S. administration in order to remain in power were now convinced that they could buy power from these companies, and were thus making attempts to this end. We saw and experienced numerous examples of this around the world. Yet, that power had eventually turned on the U.S., and started to attack it. The companies they supported started to try the regime switch on the U.S.

The Washington administration is now being struck by the two weapons it supported. One is social media companies and the other is terrorism. Though it was the U.S. that turned the “anti-terrorism” discourse into a global doctrine, it is now discussing “internal terrorism.”

The U.S. that changed regimes through social media companies is now using that very same weapon to discuss the regime switch within. The U.S., which used this method to plot coups in numerous countries, openly declared the Jan. 6 attack on Congress as a “coup.”

Trump is not the issue, don’t you get it?

It was first the states that took advantage of these companies. Now, they are using states, the state’s governing power, and gaining greater strength. A step later, they are going to exclude these states. They are going to pacify sovereigns and then crush any power domain that stands against them. And they will be doing this through mass waves.

Donald Trump can be discussed in every aspect. He can be questioned in every category that comes to mind, such as his instability, political view, unpredictability, whether he was a good president for the U.S., where he falls in the power conflicts in the U.S., and his mistakes.

However, even though the events in the U.S. are discussed through Trump’s personality, there are other forces at work. The matter is extremely deep and complex, not only for the U.S. but also the world. The power that discharged Trump has much bigger fish to fry.

They’re building a stateless, leaderless world without faiths, values

They are working towards building a new world. They are on a quest to shape a world where countries, states, and nations will have no role; a world that will be completely dominated by these companies’ interests and search for power.

We are being dragged towards terrible greed, selfishness and craziness. If this storm cannot be stopped, leaders, states, countries, faiths and values, as well as humanity will all become history.

They declared the U.S. president a “national threat.” They demonized him through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media tool that comes to mind. They disregarded freedom of expression. They did not allow him to even make the most basic of explanations. They tried to depose of him with 10 days left for his departure from office.

This is the new state of the process that launched with the Velvet Revolutions. For example, they are currently doing the same thing in Congo. The Facebook accounts of the state president and government members were all suspended ahead of the elections. They will soon be doing this in many countries.

Turkey leg has already taken action. The lies are part of this project

While these companies are making room for terrorist organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), they are also imposing a world order that condemns states. It does this by forming social waves through lies that concern the whole world, and through perception. In a sense, they are invading minds.

The shocking lies they have been spreading in Turkey through the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and its partners are all a part of this project.

What we perceive as internal policy conflicts, the project gathering political parties and terrorist organizations under a single roof, are the Turkey leg of what we are seeing in the U.S.

States must restrict this power. There must be a way to do this. There must be a way to save nations and societies from this new brutality.

A handful of selfish minorities will attempt to ‘downsize world population’

Otherwise, a handful of minority elites are going to gain authority and control over the whole world. This is a threat not only for the U.S. community but a common threat for all nations and societies.

As of today, we are monitoring these companies as a political party. We will see them wage war against states next. The third step in this process will be war against the masses, against rights.

There will come a time when they will even try to persuade people through grand statements into accepting their mass population reduction plans saying, “There are not enough resources to meet the needs of the world population, we must downsize.”

After the US, Turkey will clearly be their target. Tasks have long been assigned

It is very open and clear that once these companies win their war within the U.S. (if they do), Turkey is their next and first point of attack. They are going to launch a relentless intervention by 2023.

They are going to directly meddle in elections. They are going to do this openly and recklessly. They are going to launch an intervention vaster than the July 15, 2016. This can no longer be called a “coup.”

They have already assigned tasks and cast the roles in Turkey.

We can already see political leaders, parties, terrorist organizations, mayors, and dark rooms work together in coordination. The systematic “lies” and “plots” spread through the CHP and its elements are the first steps of this operation.

‘Resistance islands’ are necessary. History long over for West, but for Turkey, it’s only the beginning

Turkey is obliged to establish “resistance islands” on every inch of Turkish territory, in the society’s nerve ends, in institutions and public domains, and as far as its regional presence goes. The state must build as many civil fortresses as defense shields.

This country no longer has a national political identity. There are those who are on Turkey’s axis and those who are empowered by these companies. The clashes are taking place within this domain. The clashes aren’t local but global. Therefore, these preparations must be perceived as a matter of survival, a matter of national security.

We have only very recently returned to the stage of history. While the end of history is fast approaching for the West, it is just starting for Turkey. We will not be hopeless but strong. And this rising history is going to be a very long one for us.

There is no reason for concern. Measures are in place.

We will always win.

İbrahim Karagül
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